Sang fer Scotland

It’s been three hunner year an mair

Nou at last the time has come

The people o this land maun say

What it is that shuid be done


It’s up tae us, this is oor land

Democracy is people pouer

Nou ye ken ye’ll hae yer say

Come the day an come the hour


Monie stories hae been tellt

O wha we are an whence we came

But nou we’ll tell anither tale

How liberty cin rise again


The heroes o the past are gone

But we will neer forget their fecht

‘Twas siller no swords that dang us doun

The time has come tae put that richt


There’s them aye spreadin fear an lies

O hou we cannae staun oor lane

But Jock Tamson’s bairns are canny fowk

It’s time tae rule oorsels again




Darlin Dear

Darlin Dear ye tell us

Whit ye think shuid come

But whit maks ye think that we’ll listen

When we ken fine whit ye’ve done, Darlin Dear


Fer Darlin dear wis it no you

That wis the bankers’ pal

An let aw thae city slickers loose

Tae rob an cheat an steal, Darlin Dear


Oh licht touch regulation

That wis yer fix-aw stroke

An yer banker buddies prospert

An we aw endit broke, Darlin Dear


Sae why for shuid we listen

Tae sic a busted flush

Jist dae us aw a favour

An simply shut yer puss, Darlin Dear


Aye Darlin Dear jist sit ye doun

Awa an bile yer heid

Ye must shairly think that we’re a daft

Tae follae sic a leid, Darlin Dear


Aye Darlin Dear we ken ye

A straicht up bankers’ man

As much help as chocolate sodjer

Fer the future o Scotland, Darlin Dear.


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