This year I am bringing out a book called Scotland’s Future History.THe plan is to look at variosu aspects of our past that have been distorted, suppressed, ignored or hidden.There is a lot of such activity in our historical record and it all happened because of the needs of having a British history.That is a history that fots with the idea of Britain – a relatively recent construct that has been culturelly dominated by the southe-eastern English elite – currently in control of~Goverment through the personages of a collection of Bullingdon Bully Boys whose awareness of anythng othr than thier own priveliged reality is, to say the lesat, flawed. The needs of Britsh history have meant that Scotland’s actual historic past has been seen as, if not surplus to requirements, irrelevant and without value.This is a standard behaviiour of any elite towrds what they conceive of as a colony and with Scotland having been run by a Westminster apointed Secretary of State utnil the formation of the Scottish Palriament that analysis stands. The real guilty partie sn this are of couse the Gatekeepers who presee their own intersts by denying their own cultural and historical history to ape their Southion betters (?). Thebook will contain a fair bit about such self-deracinating cultural Quislings. Now with the push towards Indpependence – which I support absolutely – going through a stutter rr two – I reckon it is time to expose the fact that Scotland’s history has been so extensively traduced. i will be looking at prehistory – and the Ness of Brodgar excavations give the lie to the notion that Scotland was perpheral in terms of cultural development at a European level ( well before the Union anyway) and making a complete recalibration of European prehistory an immediate necessity – then at various periods – no surprise that the 1st Millennium will feature though in this book I willbe looking more at the Britons of Strathclyde than the Picts. But as a forestasie of what I am concentrating on there is this – What Scottish Wars of Independnece – whoever came up with that descritpive term has insulted every native born Scot that ever lived. Scotland was never part of England – though I have heard arguments to thecontrary referring to the post 1707 Union settlement – and to suggest that we had to fight for our indpependence from a Souther neighbour who for centuries was dead set on conquering and absorbing us is a blatant lie. Yet is t has been a part of Received Opinion for so long that it goes virtually unnoticed. For SCotladn to flourish – no matyter the political situation – it is necessary that we give aour children aas true a pictur eof ur history as we can. All history is specualtive to one degree or other but iwe should now begn to adress the lies and distoritions that have we have been fobbed off with for so long. As one of Jock Tamsons’ Mongrel Bastards (ak.a. a Scot) I reckon it is time to start trying to to put the record straight.

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  1. Sounds braw Stuart,keep up the guid wurk!

  2. Great stuff Stewart! Past perspectives are indeed the only way to get forward Geo here…ages since I saw you at the talk and trying to find your email. Mine is Hope to chat soon! Geo

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