Greeks bearing gifts

Welcome Greeks bearing gifts.

The current situation in Greece is one which all of our mainstream media deplore. There are wailings and gnashings of teeth over the irresponsibility of people standing up against the prevailing economic orthodoxy that there is an economic crisis that can only be solved by ‘austerity”. Hang on a minute. The current crisis was not caused by the Greeks not paying enough of their taxes, something the rich have a much greater skill at. It was caused purely and simply by western politicians allowing the compulsive gamblers of the banking sector to loot and pillage with impunity. This current depression is a direct result of the super–rich trying to grab even more of the limited resources our planet can create. Before this latest farrago of casino banking the gap between rich and poor was vast – now it truly beggars belief. Yet still our so-called media refuse to deal with any reality other than the fantasy created by the spin-miesters of the super-rich , that ‘we are all in this together’. We bloody well are not. And the Greek people are the first western voters to actually notice that the emperor has no clothes. We will sort out your poverty by making you poorer, is the message Merkel and her bone-headed financial technocrats sent to the Greek people. Trust us and one day it will get better. They seem not to notice that the wheels have fallen off the neo-con-inspired, trickle-down, economic fantasy that whatever is good for business is good for us all. Stop for a minute and think about it. What is business, or more precisely who is business? Increasingly in all the western ‘democracies’* business is dominated by financiers. What is their business? Making money. Nothing else. I repeat – nothing else. They put no food on the table, build no houses and as we have seen time and time over the past fifty years they destroy jobs whenever possible in the name of profitablity. That is they can make more money for themselves by screwing other peoples’ livelihoods- rationalisation, downsizing and other weasel terms all mean the same. The world is crying out for a whole shedload of re-tuning – the environment, ever-spreading poverty and recurrent famine in the third world, the constant exporting of war by the west – war is the ultimate capitalist dream, the old cliché abut give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him how t fish and he can feed himself has been turned on his head to ‘give a man a gun and he will keep coming back to buy bullets’. All across the world Western (and now Chinese) companies supply the necessary tools for all sorts of evil and monstrous creatures to wage war against ‘their own people”**because it makes a profit. And this is all that matters. And the ‘masters of the universe’ truly do believe that profit is the only game in town. So for years they have exported jobs from their own countries, impoverishing ‘their own people’ and lining their own pockets. And there is the irony that many of the individuals who rant about fiscal responsibility while pocketing the profits of the arms trade , profess themselves to be ‘good Christians”. I am sorry but when did the Prince of Peace turn into Mammon?

Hopefully the Greeks will re-assert the idea of the democratic will of the people and kick the bankers’ point-men into touch. We may even see the French and the Spanish rake a leaf form their book. It is time that the world woke up to the fact that the Emperor truly has no clothes – the world cannot sustain itself by the pursuit of profit forever. To state the –all too often bleeding – truth, the population of the world cannot sustain itself by the pursuit of profit for the bloated, moronic, self-obsessed rich any more.

‘democracies’ – countries where politicians pretend the individual’s votes all count the same

**”their own people” – the accident of their birthplace never distracts the real rich from who their true compatriots are – the rest of the oligarchies.

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  1. Nae wonner we hae nae time tae practice if Dou spends aal yer time writing dis shite

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