So the debate r…

So the debate rages on with constant horror stories of how there will be no jobs, no money, probably not enough food and utter devastation if us uppity jocks decide to exercise our democratic mandate rights and assert our own sovereignty. Whatever next – will they tell us that BBC – that really should be EBC, the Establishment bias of Auntie Beeb is out there in the open these days – and SKY will stop broadcasting to Scotland – A ken fine it’s impossible but such is the numptiedom of the post–Imperial Britain Forever crew that they will say just about anything to try and score a point. And to think I used to be proud to work for the BBC!!!! What we should be concentrating on is responding to the Scottish Government’s Consultation and letting them know what we think. Apropos of that I have just reviewed Elliot Bulmer’s book A Modlel Scottish Constitution (Luath Press £9.99 ISBN1-908373-13-X) – and I gave it 5 stars, well maybe 4.95. It is a brilliant piece of work and without being OTT, he does make some brilliant points about true democratic governance. Here are two quotes regarding the bllithering, adolescent, public-school talking shop that is Westminster – ‘a place of theatrical ritualised confrontation’ and ’As a democratic legislature and as a deliberative body it can only be regarded a dysfunctional’. This is why it is important that as many people as possible respond to the Consultation and make it clear we need a defined and democratic constitution and cannot n any way be influenced by the essentially corrupt institutions of the British parliament which exist to serve the interests on the City of London. These Mammon worshipping nyaffs are utterly shameless – led by Ollie (short for oleaginous) Cameron they are taking great delight in hammering the poorest and most vulnerable in society wheel continuing to shovel bucketloads of UK tax monies to thieir pals. The utterly revolting thing in all of this is that their pals also run the London media so everything is presented to the poor unfortunate plebs – i.e. the non-rich – as unavoidable. Crap! There are many alternatives to current economic orthodoxy but they all involve taking on the rich and with the meda and Parliament serving as their front lines of defence, the old ways don’t cut it any more – though truly they never did. And the supine behaviour of the New Labour posh boys tells you all you need to know about that lot. I‘ll put my hand up and admit I have always understood the Labour Party’s role was to sell out those it claimed to represent, but this lot stupefy even me. I liked Eck the Fish’s idea of us serving as a beacon of fairness for the rest of the UK – didn’t that go down well – but that is secondary – let’s sort ourselves first and then set an example for our southron cousins. After all once we’re away they will need all the help they can get. And just a daft wee thought – a new name for the Great Wen, the Smoke,etc – Subsidistan!

On other fronts The Loaby Press is steaming ahead – reworked website up soon which will  tell all about the increasing number of e-books we are publishing. Anyone wanting to come to the launch of The Pagan Symbols of the Picts on 29th March at Blackwells on North Bridge, Edinburgh should contact them to get a ticket – my last Pictish book launch sold out. As it is part of Ceilidh Culture there will even be a chance to hear the rarely heard Dunnichen Suite – which I will get recorded sometime this year. There will be a second launch as part of Scotland’s Sacred Landscapes – a 2 day event taking place at the Netherbow Theatre 5/6th May in which I will beparticipating, surprise, surprise,.

And finally, anyone reading this who took part in The Vigil for A Scottish Parliament1992-97, moves are afoot for a gathering on Calton Hill on 14th April to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. To that end there will shortly be a Relight My Fire, Facebook site set up to spread the word. Current mutterings are that we got what we wanted the last time so let’s go for it again – this time the goal being an Independent and Democratic Scotland. It’s Time We Were Awa!!

2 responses to “So the debate r…

  1. john robertson

    Hi Stuart ,hope you are well ,looking forward to reading your new pictish book! In fact I will buy two copies one for myself and one for my daughter who is a Pictish afficianado!

    warm regards

    John Robertson.

  2. I feel one of your ads triggered my web browser to resize, you may well want to set that on your blacklist.

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