Wikileaks et al

So now we know what we have always suspected – that governments lie, cheat, murder and steal. The current witch-hunt against Assange shows up the ideas of justice and law in so-called western democracies as the sham they are. In Britain we not only have government for the rich, but by the rich and the media has hardly raise a whisper – which may have something to do with the fact that most senior media positions are filled by schoolfriends of the Bullingdon Bampots currently in residence in Downing Street. When leading US politicians call for Assange to be executed this is clearly not the same as terrorists – Muslim or otherwise – doing the same. The stench of hypocrisy is overpowering. However, remember– elites are self-selecting – nobody voted the rich in – they stole their way to the power and influence they have and it is particularly obnoxious that in the aftermath of the Great Banking Con that Barack Obama has shown his real colours by humbly accepting that the rich should pay even less tax. Here in Scotland of course we have Eck the Fish and his mates acting like rabbits before a ferret whenever they meet Bumfluff Trump.
The rich are people who are a virus in human society – they believe that their wealth, no matter how it has been gathered, is a sign of their essential virtue. This is clearly a form of insanity and the business as usual attitude of governments world- wide shows how widespread such ideas actually are. It is the activities of profit-driven corporations owned by the rich through the smokescreen of shareholdings that are endangering human life on our planet – but they simply believe that they ae so rich they can buy their way out of anyt situation that they cause to happen. The utter ineptitude of governance in the face of a wee bit of bad weather in the British Isles shows the idiocy of that idea. But then again there are none so dumb as those who think they know everything.

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