Who Stole Scotland

This is the title of a grand article by land campaigner Andy Wightman in the day’s Sunday Herald – http://www.heraldscotland.com/. It lays bear the underlying corruption of the land question in Scotland. This should be the start of a debate of just how we are all affected by the landownership question and it leads into further questions of the total complicity in this situation, of the law establishment in Scotland, many of whose members are themselves large-scale landowners, or are happy to take the tainted siller of the lairds, and of course the utterly contemptible refusal of Scottish historians to recognise the underlying realities so well laid out by Andy. To this day local people are still being cleared off Scotland’s rural land while rich people from anywhere in the world are allowed – encouraged? – to play with our soil as they see fit. The obscenity of the development at Menie is a clear example of this and it is all too telling that Trump’s vainglorious plans to create a haven for the super rich are supported by by none other than our First MInister. While like many other Scots I would like to see us independent precisely because we could begin to attack the land question in a free and open manner instead of hiding the truth through the essentially colonial structures that still clutch at the law and other institutions of supposed public benefit in Scotland, this does not mean that I am a member or even a supporter of the SNP. They suffer from the unfortunate fact that – as in all other parties thirled to Westmonster’s (sic) shonky concept of what constitutes democracy – seen cleary at the moment in its true colours to be government by the rich and for the rich – they have too many lawyers in their representative ranks.
The really good news in this is that this informative and accurate representation – however brief – of the horrors of the land question in Scotland – has been published by the Sunday Herald. Letters in support of their position would be a good idea as would be spreading the word to everybody that you know to be at all interested in the future of Scotland, about this article and Andy’s new book. I regulary forget to suggest (urge?demand?) folk to buy my latest book(s) but have no reluctance in pushing Andy’s.
On another but related tack I await further news from my MSP Malcolm Chisholm about the Scottish Government’s response to my concerns anent the arrest and imprisonment of the two journalists at the Trump development at Menie. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/sep/12/film-makers-arrested-donald-trump-scottish-golf-resort#history-link-box

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