Democracy in Danger

This story is absolutely horrific – 2 journalists were arrested by the Fitlike Plod for doing their jobs, They were interviewing people – with permission – o the site of the disgusting new development at Menie when they were told to stop. They were investigating the ‘accidental’ cutting off of water supply to the local residents by contractors working for Trump. They were arrested and charged with breach of the peace – a catch-all offence if there ever was one and had camera, notes etc. confiscated.
This is potentially terrifying as it clearly shows that the local plod are working for the Trump interests, whether or not they are being directed by Trump’s minions or the local council – and you can hardly separate these two. Not only are the local council prepared to sell out Scotland’s soil to the highest bidder they are cleary happy to deploy the law in favour of a profiteering exploiter and against their own constituents. Apart from the national questions regarding the democratic accountability of the police in Scotland that this disturbing case raises it also is a shocking idictment of the position that Aberdeen Council have got themsleves into. Effectively it would appear that the law of the land is, like the Sands of Menie themselves, up for auction to the highest bidder. I have made moves to have a question asked in the Scottish Parliament about this and suggest that everyone gets in touch with their local MSP to demand answers from the SNP adminsitration whose blatant and gut-wrenching sucking-up to Trump and his entourage is in itself a dangerous indictment of the oft-trumpted ‘need for foreign investment’. Profits from such projects leave the country and the only local benefit will be in menial jobs. Add in the polluting effects of milionaires flying in in their private jets if Trump has his way, and you have a perfect storm of idiocy. Green Scotland! Och aye that’ll be richt. Eck the Fish is up to his oxters in this and it is time to remind the SNP that the new Parliament is ours not theirs!

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