Well the Festival madness lurches towards its close and my liver has survived a free pass to the Writer’s Retreat at the Book Festival! Like many othrs I was not impressed by Caledonia, a real pathetic attempt at dealing with one of the sadder aspects of Scotland’s often tragic hsotry. It seemed to be aimed at an aude ience of Sun reaqders and Big Brother devotees and the utter crassness of playing out at the end of the show with We’re On the Way With Aly’s Army was not only crassly insentive but downright insulting.After all the years of debate abut a National Theatre for Scotland this was shocking.
As usual some of the street performers have been fun but keeping the pubs opme till three is not always a ‘good thing’. For those not siurfeited with culture there is always Monday night at the Windsor where I continue to warble old ditties with my good friend John Greig.
Re the political situation I was speaking to an old friend who had voted Lib-Dem at the last debacle.His comments are unprintable but I am sure you can imagine. THe Bullingdon Berties are showing their true colours and if the social vandalism and buccaneering econimic insanity of this lot is doesn’t give the Scottish people a kick up the arse nothing ever will. Its time we were awa, lads an lasses, time we were awa.

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