So now we have it. A pair of public school and Oxbridge chaps in charge of British Governance again. Guaranteed ongoing profits for the Arms Manufacturers and other businesses owned by their friends while the mess created by the gangster behaviour of their other buddies n the cities has to be paid for by the poorest in society. So what’s new? What is slightly newish is the meeja’s utter obsequiousness in all of this. Listen to how often they tell you about what the money markets think? Without government taxes there are no money markets but to hear the (public-school Oxbridge dominated) meeja the money markets are an instrument of God’s will. The utter affront to democracy of the privatisation of shared resources developed with public funds and the ongoing commitment to weapons of mass destruction doesn’t even register in the awareness of the meeja. And as for what the true significance of the current stramash in the Gulf of Mexico means for the future of humanity, well, never mind, there’s a World Cup coming up. What is happening in Greece is a straw in the wind and the only response our so called political parties will be able to provide when the wind reaches us, is to arm even more of the police.
I am reminded of a banner from the 1820 Rising –Scotland Free or a Desert – well if Squintneb an the Cleg get their way there will probably be beating jobs on the shooting estates in August at least.
Och aye and for those who are interested my latest books are in the shops
A New History of the Picts and Tales of Whisky both published by Luath Press

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