And so I return – full of hope for an eventual Spring – the sun is shining and for the first time this year I have been out in sandals (no socks). What I hear you ask, has this to do with the price of mince or any other significant fact. The truth is nothing but it has been a long winter and now just as things begin to improve we are faced with media overkill of the posturings of a set of benighted idiots. Problems with the economy – ditch Trident and the air craft carriers on order. A but what about the jobs? Don’t make me laugh – Wee Gordie is just as keen on protecting the profits of the arms manufacturers as Slick Davie is – no matter how many children are killed, shareholder value rules supreme.
Anyway if there is anyone out there I had a great time last Thursday launching my latest book A New History of the Picts – a very successful night and hopefully tomorrow at the Galgael in Glescae (7 pm) will be as good. This book is an attempt to put together a cohernet narrative that sees the Picts as the indigenous people of Scotland who originally, from the Roman perspective included the Scots of Dalriada, the Gododdin and the Britons of Strathclyde – who were the ancestors of the Hihgland clans and the main building blockof wjat in io time became Scotland. Lots of new ideas but all based on the simple idea that to understand the Picts, the key is kinship not kingship. And the book is a thing of beauty itself.
To keep in the spirit of things old and Scottish I also have another wee book, Tales of Whisky hitting the bookshops, whihc like the Picts’ book is published by Luath Press. HAving spent much of thepast month telling stories and singing songs in scholls the next couple of weeks sees more public gigs. Next Monday, as ever I will be singing in the Windsor Buffet with John Greig and on the 21st will be performing at the opening of an art installation by Dorothy Aitchison at Burnmouth Arts Centre with John Malcolm – Jist Oorsels as we are known (or not).
New courses at Edinburgh Uni’s OLL are the Darker Side of Scottish History and Arthurian Scotland starting next week for any of you who are tough enough!!!!

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