As the new millennium began, people all over the world sang Auld Lang Syne, a song given its form by the Scottish poet Rabbie Burns. And as we crossed our arms and linked hands as we sang we were taking part in a remnant of an ancient ring dance older than anyone can compute. Theer is an old saying in Scots that goes, ‘Gin ye dinnae ken whaur ye’ve been, hou can ye tell whaur ye’re gangin?’ This can be trans­lated as, you must know where you’ve been if you want to know where you’re going. In today’s world the electronic media seems to be ever more obsessed with what is going to happen tomorrow and incredible amounts of financial and human resources are devoted to the creation of new fads and fashions. Cultures from all over the world are pillaged for ‘new’ ideas in art, fashion and music. We are not the first humans to think of ourselves as modern but within the thinking of the developed industrial capitalist system that has been forced on the world by dominant Western powers over the past four hundred years, we are perhaps the first humans to be in danger of cutting ourselves loose totally from our past. The obsession with short term profit has generated a rush towards ”the modern” that is as essentially meaningless as it is frightening. We are constantly presented with novelty for novelty’s sake. Hand in hand with this there is another equally inane obsession – youth – we are all supposed to be eternal teenagers. All of this arises not from deep human need but from a simple greed for profit by the dominant organizations of our world – large-scale corporations and their minions who have corrupted democracy by putting the interests of these large corporations before the interests of those who they claim to represent. We should not forget that these organizatins are owned by people – generally referred to as shareholders – and at their core are a group of epople whose intersts eternally trump all others – the rich. The old cliché that the poor are always with us is a vicious travesty of the truth – it is the rich, parasitic, self-obsessed and impervious to all forms of reasonable argument to the effect that we all share the planet together who are always with us. Ask yourself a question. If democracy is real why is the rich man’s vote worth more than yours?
26/10/09Two Salient Facts
Sometimes it is in the marginalia of things that you catch a glimpse of reality. This week we have heard about the secret police units set-up by the Association of Chief Police Officers (public servants every one) to monitor thousands of people going about their totally legitimate business of protesting against a variety of obscenities. And what was in no way surprising but no less disgusting was the fact that the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (Newspeak anyone?) is in regular contact with, receives information from and no doubt dances to the tune of various large companies. However if you think of this truly horrific reality in conjunction with another report this week it does begin to make some sort of sense. The other fact was that there are 280,000 accountants in Britain today. This is more than in the rest of Europe put together. We have all seen the disaster of managerialism and short-term profit-making, but here is at the very heart of what Britain actually is. Nearly one accountant for every 200 people – why? Because money is the most important thing in life! The police taking direction from private companies- why? Because money matters! Money in the hands of large companies/shareholders/the rich doesn’t talk in Britain, it screams. And the numpties who pretend to be politicians – virtually all of them hear nothing over the scream of money. (ever heard of lobbying?)
This ain’t new children, the interests of the rich have always trumped democracy in the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. What’s different is that nowadays more people can see the reality. A perfect example is the truly revolting lickspittle subservience of Aberdeen County Council to the wishes of Trump – at a time when we are staring global warming in the face this bunch of pathetic. These self-serving, intellectually vacuous numpties are wanting to build a golf-course that will attract obscenely rich parasites in their private jets! The surprise? There ain’t one – this is what Britain is – if you doubt it look at the Shadow Front Bench who are supposed to be the saviours of the country at the next election! Remember the rich man/woman only has one vote like you do – he /she just doesn’t need theirs – they whistle – the body politic jumps.
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